"I think you have a natural ability and caring for people. That was obvious to me, making it a wonderfully positive and insightful experience!"

"It's like a summary of all that I'm feeling. I can't thank you enough. I'm definitely sitting here tearing up a bit."

"I came to Lauren, not to have something new and fantastic revealed, but to check in with my feelings about a big decision. The reading was easy and enjoyable, and my gut feeling was powerfully and positively reinforced."

I have had two readings. I didn't know going in how I should feel about getting readings. Once I just let go of doubt, the first reading resonated with me. The second one, however, nearly brought me to my knees. I am grateful for Lauren. I trust her, and she operates with the utmost professionalism.

"Thank you. This is very thoughtful and helps reinforce where I thought I needed to head instead of what I've been pushing myself into."

"I appreciate the approach that Lauren takes to doing readings. She was professional and guided me through the process of a reading. I felt safe with Lauren as I had never done this before. I look forward to the next time we do this. It brought me peace and comfort."

"I really enjoyed my experience with Lauren. She shows great thoughtfulness and intuition in her tarot work. My reading really resonated with me and helped me to take things in a new direction."