Mercury Retrograde Trio:  Patience, Insight, Grounding


Patience - Made with Vetiver and Roman Chamomile essential oils, this candle is designed to help us slow down.  Ocean Jasper and Larimar crystals promote tranquility and calm.  Mercury Retrograde is best navigated through surrender to flow.  Set your intentions to release resistance and adapt to circumstances.  Botanicals intuitively selected.


Insight - Lavender, Galbanum, and Frankincense essential oils combine to increase the oxygen around the pituitary gland and pineal glands to enhance Third Eye clarity.  Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone crystals empower intuition.  Rosemary improves memory and concentration.  Mercury Retrograde in Gemini might generate a lot of brain fog and conflicting thoughts.  Use this intention candle to get clarity.


Grounding - Fir and Spruce essential oils, and dried Balsam bring the calming scents of the outdoors inside.  Shungite and Smoky Quartz crystals, and Juniper berries help us stay centered and connected to our Root Chakra.  These crystals also absorb and block negativity in the environment.  Since Mercury will be retrograde in the air sign of Gemini, we may find ourselves feeling a little chaotic.  Ground yourself each day in meditation with this intention candle.

Mercury Retrograde Trio