How to have a successful reading

  1. Find a reader who resonates with you.  You can follow different readers on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook and see if their readings vibe with you.  I highly recommend following me and looking at my past posts to learn about my style.

  2. Communicate in a friendly and respectful manner with the reader you select.  We readers are actual people and most of us are not reading tarot full time.  I love reading tarot for people who are friendly and excited to get a reading.

  3. Be specific with your question and offer the reader any relevant information about your question.  Tarot is not predictive so there is no need to hide any information from me or worry about telling me too much.  You don’t need to share your life story, but extra information about your question helps me interpret the cards more specifically.

  4. Send your reader positive energy during the reading.  When you are connecting in a positive way with me, it creates a strong bond between us that will support a thorough reading.  Suspicious, skeptical, energy creates tension and awkwardness.

  5. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand.  I want you to have a great experience and I enjoy sharing my love of tarot with you.  I want the reading to resonate with you and help you make good choices so please ask questions if you’re not sure about anything.