"The Tarot and all occult sciences are in a sense revolutionary because they teach direct salvation, in this life, through your own efforts." -Rachel Pollack

Tarot is a wonderful tool for connecting with our own intuition, bringing healing and enlightenment to our daily lives.  Tarot helps us align us with energy bigger than ourselves to show us our purpose and the path to self-fulfillment.  My purpose as a reader is to use my intuition to help you hear the voice of your higher self--to guide you on a healing journey and find your path forward.

In order to get the most out or your reading, you need to be thoughtful about wording your question.  Ask an open-ended question that starts with "What" or "How."  Focus on yourself as the powerful actor in your life rather than asking passive questions.  For ideas and guidance, click HERE.



I think you have a natural ability and caring for people. That was obvious to me, making it a wonderfully positive and insightful experience!


It's like a summary of all that I'm feeling. I can't thank you enough. I'm definitely sitting here tearing up a bit."


I came to Lauren, not to have something new and fantastic revealed, but to check in with my feelings about a big decision. The reading was easy and enjoyable, and my gut feeling was powerfully and positively reinforced.


Thank you. This is very thoughtful and helps reinforce where I thought I needed to head instead of what I've been pushing myself into.